Giving Is The New Getting: The New Social Entrepreneurism


Giving Is The New Getting

Have you noticed that some of the most successful business people are also the most generous? Take Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes, Inc. You’ve seen him in Time Magazine, on The Amazing Race, AT& T commercials, and featured on TED. TOMS’ simple promise is to give a pair of new shoes to children in need around the world with every pair sold, revolutionizing the way consumers shop. Over 140,000 pairs of shoes have been given so far, and we are still counting.

What began more than 30 years ago as Tony Robbins’ individual effort to feed families in need, has now grown into the International Basket Brigade, providing baskets of food and household items for more than 2 million people annually in countries all over the world. Throughout the Thanksgiving and holiday season, International Basket Brigade volunteers deliver food, clothing, and hope to those who need it most.

These are only two examples of entrepreneurs who incorporate giving or applying the universal law of reciprocity  into their business plans. There are many more. Tony says, “Everyone has the need to contribute. It is one of the six human needs. If you give from your heart, it will come back to you tenfold.”

My question to you is: What are you giving?

I agree with Tony in that we all have a need to contribute. I also believe that we have a social responsibility to contribute… a calling, if you will. We are all blessed with a certain DNA, choc full of inherent gifts that we alone are “supposed” to give away. I believe this with all my heart. The cool thing about giving, is that you get so much back in return in the way of spiritual fulfillment.

On a practical and financial level, you also win by giving! In business, when we give away our best information, people grow to know, like and trust us, and when they are ready to buy, they will buy from us. Internet marketing genius and all-around great guy, Frank Kern says, “Selling stuff is easy. All you gotta do is give away stuff that makes people happy …and then sell stuff that makes ‘em even happier.”

Bottom line is this: Business success begins with giving. Success in life begins with giving. I would urge you to take a look at your current business plan and see how you can implement giving in your daily business practice. It does not matter how big your contribution is. What matters is that you expand your mindset and your business plan to include giving in a way that helps another. When you do this, I can guarantee you that your bottom line will take care of itself.

Now, go buy a pair of TOMS shoes and put a new pair of shoes on a kid’s feet or make a contribution to Tony’s Foundation and feed a family. It’ll make you feel GOOD… pass it on.

Keeping the world a friendly place,
Charlene Murphy

Success And A Hershey’s Bar

hersheysA few weeks ago, my son’s best friend came to live with us. The boys just started their freshman year at high school and Austin’s home life was quite volatile. Since he’s at our house quite a bit anyway, we decided to make it a permanent situation so that he can relax and focus on school.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about living with two teenage boys. At the onset, I created a chore calendar for the boys and explained a few rules, so that we all knew what to expect from one another and keep a peaceful and productive household.

One of my rules is that the boys call me after school to check in. We discuss after school plans and set a time to be home for dinner… pretty basic stuff. Then after dinner, the boys do their homework and their daily chore.

Well, it seems Austin wasn’t quite used to rules and “forgot” to call me after school one day. He stayed out until 11:00 PM, which is the legal curfew, but not mine. He also “forgot” to do a chore or two. After being grounded for a couple days and forfeitting his allowance, he started to “get it.”

During this time of adjustment for all of us, our household felt a bit cold. I didn’t feel like I could relax much. In fact, I felt like “cop-mom” and didn’t like it much. So, one day while grocery shopping, I decided to get the boys a treat. I put a Hershey’s bar on their pillows for an after school surprise. I don’t keep candy in the house, so for me, this is a big deal. For the boys, not so much!

My son, who knows me well, went out of his way to thank me and gave me a big kiss. Austin said nothing. In fact, Austin rarely said much to me at all, and never a “thank you.”

I decided to let it go and released my expectations for any kind of gratitude from Austin. I knew that was my stuff and that motherhood can sometimes be a thankless job. “Get over it!” I told myself. I know enough to know that those expectations can be relationship killers and I’d rather keep the peace than build resentments.

But then came a miracle! Yesterday, I came home and found a Hershey’s bar on my night stand. It was from Austin…

This morning, while pondering all the things I’m grateful for and counting my successes, this one tops the charts. Success comes in all kinds of packages and sometimes when we’re so focused on our business success, we can miss the ones that really count.

Today, I’m grateful for Austin. His presence has commanded my maternal and parental attention that was slipping away, as my focus was primarily on business. I’m a better mother today because of him.

And the pendulum swings…


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