New Adventures & House of Hope

Moving to Ojai at the beginning of the year was a very deliberate action on my part. Prior to the move, I craved change as the grit and noise of the city began to wear on me. I held a vision of peace, beauty, personal healing, simplicity and living my purpose, as I waited for the next adventure to show itself. In my practice, I also felt the desire to serve more people, while experiencing a more fluid schedule.

During a road trip the holiday season before last, I discovered Ojai. It spoke to my spirit calling me home. Exactly a year later, I moved there.

I decided to take my practice online, making my psychic sessions and classes mobile and global. I often do my phone sessions outdoors in wild, gorgeous settings. Being in nature heals and soothes my spirit, which strengthens my connection to Source energy and the information within.

When the presidential election happened and with the inspiration from Marianne’s Williamson’s movement, Sister Giant, my sense of service shifted even wider and I was drawn not only to serve my clients around the world, but to serve on a local level and be a healing source for issues that plague our very community. I needed to be a part of something bigger that would affect social change for the better. I put that desire out, and what came back is nothing short of miraculous.

A counseling position at an all-female treatment home in Ojai was delivered to me. My career, straight out of college, began at a children’s treatment facility in Denver, CO. I feel I’ve gone back to my roots and have come full circle.

The young ladies that I have the opportunity to serve are magnificent, bold and beautiful. They have experienced sexual trauma, abuse, neglect and are mindfully working to heal themselves with help from a caring staff and community. My work with the girls is in total alignment with the work I do in my practice, but at a much more primary level. There are infinite possibilities for growth, healing and spiritual expansion. I am honored to work with these young ladies.

Take a look at the work House of Hope inspires in collaboration with Jr. League of Santa Barbara. The first part of the video is about the wonderful vision and work of Jr. League of SB. At about 3:33, House of Hope is introduced. We’re on to something here.

The bonus gift with this new job speaks to one of the issues for which I’ve asked healing, which is my empty nest. During the day over the last few years, my life was full working with clients and the excitement of building my business. But night time was another story. With my kids grown and gone, evenings became very lonely. I grew sad at not having little ones to care for, share dinner with, help with homework and tuck into to bed. My life purpose seemed to dissipate after 30-plus years of hands-on motherhood. It was quite a shock to my system.

Well, all of that has changed. I continue to work my practice during the day and then go to House of Hope to serve the girls during those once-upon-a-time lonely hours. I feel so blessed and fortunate that these young ladies adopted me into their home. The healing that is happening is real, profound and reciprocal. Talk about a win-win.

The Universe is good. Ask and you will receive more than you can imagine. I am honored, blessed, beyond grateful and “my cup runneth over.” Whatever you are wanting, boldly ask for it. The Universe has your back and does not judge. It is completely responsive and kind. Yield to the callings of your soul. They always lead to your personal heaven.

Also, if you are interested in supporting the Jr. League of Santa Barbara and their Safe House initiative, you are welcome to donate on their website HERE.

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