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A Wonderfully Uplifting Holiday Gift

spiritual cinema circleI’ve been a big fan of Spiritual Cinema Circle for years! Their movies are always heartfelt, mystical and simply gorgeous. This is my video library. It’s time for a bigger basket!

My psychic lifestyle includes no TV. I’m mindful about what I feed my senses and my brain. For my sensibilities, TV is too loud, flashy and obnoxious, like Las Vegas… a little bit goes a long way!

Instead I choose to control what I watch. I love Netflix for movies and documentaries and Hulu for my dose of current family entertainment. Add Spiritual Cinema Circle to the media mix and I feel like I have the perfect entertainment solution!

Each month, I receive a Spiritual Cinema DVD in the mail. The DVD contains one full feature film, a few short films and an interview with a film maker or a spiritual teacher. I feel so inspired and emotionally moved by each DVD. I get excited to see my new release in the mail every month too!

Give the gift of inspiration this year to yourself or to a loved one. It’s the greatest gift that lasts and lasts! Your spirit will love it.

Click on this picture for more information from Spiritual Cinema Circle.

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Chakra Healing

Title: Chakra Healing
Location: Charlene’s Place
RSVP: Click here Long Beach Psychic & Healing Arts

Description: Each of your Chakras has its own unique “personality”, each influencing a specific aspect of your life. So if you’re experiencing any form of physical or mental shortcomings, limitations or challenges in your life, there’s a high chance one of your Chakras is blocked or unbalanced.

During this 3-hour workshop,  we will discuss the 7 main Chakras (our energy centers), what they are and how they influence our everyday lives. You will take a short quiz to help determine which of your Chakras may be out of balance (over-stimulated, under-stimuated, backed-up or even closed-off).

Next, we will perform exercises designed to open, vitalize and balance your chakras for your optimum health and well-being.

Finally, I will give you tips and exercises to keep your Chakras balanced, so that you can ground and balance yourself any time and any place.


Cost: $20 (includes handout)
Time: 12:00 – 3:00 PM
Date: Saturday, November 12

The Four Spiritual Laws of Permanent Prosperity

Recession. What recession?

We live in an abundant universe of perfect prosperity and there is more than enough of everything for everyone, including money, which is simply green energy.

In this two hour workshop, you will learn the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, as defined by one of my favorite and very funny teachers, Edwene Gaines. You will leave with a complete understanding of the undisputable Universal Laws that are always at play and how you can to tap into these practical principles to create more prosperity and magic in your life – now.

Be prepared to join the “Unexpected Income Club” and bring a journal to write notes in.

There will be light snacks, water and tea on hand.

Love offering welcome =)

Date: Saturday, September 3
Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Place: Charlene’s place in Long Beach

RSVP: Long Beach Psychic and Healing Arts Meetup

Run Your Own Race

As the avid entrepreneur that I am, I study marketing techniques constantly. The age-old advice has always been to “crush, eliminate, destroy and out-do” your competition. I’ve come to realize years ago that if I’m focusing my attention on my “competition” and “crushing them,” and since “energy flows where attention goes,” then I’m not allowing energy toward the growth of my own business. Rather, I’m expending my precious time and energy on other people and not myself.

This reminds me of my first grade teacher, Mrs. Miller, who was always reminding us to “mind your own business.” What GREAT advice! Okay, I will, and I urge you to do the same. Here’s why:  Competition is an illusion.

Competition is the imagined phantom of people who are stuck in scarcity thinking. Lack mentality creates fear. Fear creates imaginary monsters. Competition is one of those monsters.

See, if you are truly living authentically and your business is a reflection of your authenticity, then by undisputable Universal Law, you will attract your ideal clients. If you are running your own race and keeping your focus on being your excellent self and providing excellent service, then the power of your focus and intention will outshine and override any and all lack-based fears. In fact, you’ll be so busy improving and expanding your game to be of even greater service, that you won’t have the time, energy or inclination to consider your “competition,” for lack of a better word.

Why do you think horses wear blinders in races? Think about it. Horses are trained to only look ahead to see where they are going. If they did not wear blinders, they would be distracted by the other horses and probably run right into each other. That would prove to be quite chaotic and potentially deadly.

I offer that the same happens with us. If we are focused on everything that is going on around us and comparing ourselves to others, we lose sight of ourselves, our goals and objectives. We must put on our blinders to keep our distractions at bay and focus on what is in front of us—the next step, and ultimately the illusive finish line.

This is where meditation and visualization come into play. I suggest daily meditation (I love walking meditation) before you start your workday, so that you are a clear channel for your business. Inspirations, ideas and insights will flow to you. Visualize what you want your business to look like: Who are you serving? Where are you going, traveling to, speaking with? What kind of money are you making? What does expansion look like?

The only race you have is with yourself. Are you living authentically? Is your business in alignment with your core values? Are you open to spiritual guidance and expansion? Are you always seeking to improve your services and to offer tremendous value? This is your race, honey.

Put your blinders on and give your attention to YOU and your business and watch the momentum grow. Your business is like a fingerprint: one of a kind. Even though you may offer similar products or services, nobody can deliver what you can because there is only ONE you. How can anyone compete with that?

Your Psychic Senses

We are all born psychic and we all have our own psychic strengths, whether it’s clairvoyance, (clear seeing) clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing) or claircognizance (clear knowing). Many people experience all four psychic senses; however, it is common that one sense is more dominant than the others.

Which is your strongest psychic sense?

Clairvoyance: Clear seeing. This is when psychic messages come through as visions or images on the screen of your mind. These images can be still or moving, occurring when your eyes are either opened or closed, while awake, daydreaming or asleep.

Clairsentience: Clear feeling. Many times people refer to having “gut” feelings, sensation in their spleens and even experience the physical pain of others. Clairsentients are very sensitive to other people’s energies and emotions. Psychic messages are felt in the body.

Clairaudience: Clear hearing. Messages are received through voices, music or other sounds in clairaudients. These sounds usually occur internally – in the mind, in the form of thoughts. For most clairaudients, messages come through to them in their own voices. At times, messages may be heard physically with the ears and originate from an external source.

Claircognizance: Clear knowing. This occurs when information, an idea, concept or thought comes to mind and has the feeling of importance. The knowledge received often flashes suddenly into mind seemingly out of nowhere. Knowing who is on the phone, for example, before answering it or knowing personal things about people you just meet is claircognizance.

Once you determine your strongest psychic sense, you can begin developing it… much more on that to come!

Watch for magic,

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