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Phone Psychic Readings vs In-Person Readings

phone psychic readingsIf you are questioning what the difference is between getting a phone psychic reading with me or a psychic reading in person, honesty, the only difference is that we don’t get to see each other face to face. When it comes to how my psychic ability works, there is no time or space for spirit. Time and space are man-made constraints. And since we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we can easily lift those limitations. You could be sitting right across from me in Long Beach, California or half way across the world in Copenhagen, Denmark and my psychic abilities will still work the same way.

Time and space ain’t no thing

What exactly does “no time or space for spirit” mean? It means that when I look at you psychically, I am not reading your body language, facial expressions or anything else where I need to use my physical eyes. I am tuning into you psychically and reading you on an energetic level because my psychic sense does not use my physical eyes. That’s why I close my eyes a lot during in-person readings. When I tap into your energy and look for the answers to your questions, I am basically using my clairvoyant abilities. Think of it as me having an additional set of eyes that allow me to see you on a whole other level, than just the physical.

So, if you are interested in a psychic reading with me and you are not able to come see me in person, wherever you may be located, know that you can have the same experience by phone. I have clients all over the world that I read and heal by phone.

I am super passionate about helping people heal, move past their blockages, achieve peace and clarity. I’d love to help you find the answers to your questions and help you positively change your life, whether we meet in person or over the phone, I can help you.

See my rates for Psychic Readings here.

You are welcome to schedule your session online, call me to schedule your reading at 562-458-3677 or email me:

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Toys For Tots Drive & Holiday Sale

toys-for-totsHappy Holidays! Tis the season for caring and sharing. This single mom of many years will never forget those tough holidays when we didn’t have much. I dreaded disappointing my kids, but lucky for me, I have great kids who didn’t seem to mind. We made due with what we had and played up the best parts about the holiday season!

Years later, paying it forward and remembering our local kiddos in need, I’m offering Half-Off Psychic Readings until December 14. All you have to do is bring in a new, unwrapped toy. I always aim for toys that inspire creativity, but that’s just me! Inspired kids are happier kids!

For my remote friends, post a pic of you with your gift or donation to your favorite local cause in the comments section. We can spread cheer here, there and everywhere!

Of course you are welcome to make a toy donation without purchasing a readiing! Just want to sweeten the pot for your generosity!


Reading & Reiki Combo Special


Get the ultimate spiritual alignment with a Psychic Reading and Reiki Healing combination! Experience radical wellness, deep healing and lasting transformation. Release what no longer serves you. Open to your greater expression. What wants to emerge? Can you feel the energy beneath the surface rising?

Clear the way and call it forth. No more playing small. No more needless suffering. It’s time for expansion!

This special includes 1 Psychic Reading and 1 Reiki Healing.
The entire session spans 90 minutes of time well spent!

Regular price when sold separately: $280
Special offer: $240
Saving you $40

Let’s break this down…

A psychic reading provides you with clarity, peace of mind and validation about your current life situations. Psychic readings are an insightful, in-depth and powerful way to receive answers to questions you may have about your life purpose, relationships, career, finances, family and health. My intention in giving readings is always to provide healing, guidance and direction. I also give you tools to enhance your own psychic abilities (yes, you have them!)

Since you are telepathic and empathic by nature, a Reiki Healing cleanses and balances your body temple and its energy centers or chakras, which send and receive psychic information constantly, even while you’re sleeping.

When you expose yourself to harsh environments, negative people or thinking, your energy centers become heavy with dense, dark energy, making you feel sluggish, blocked and out of balance. You also lose psychic clarity and focus. This is a normal part of our human experience.

The two of these healing modalities combined, result in a clear YOU. You will experience profound healing on all levels – mind, body and spirit and become a clear channel for manifesting whatever you desire – a truly empowering experience that will create transformative momentum in your life.

You are welcome to email me at to schedule your appointment or call me at (562) 458-3677.

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Spiritual Stimulus Package

energy-flowsFeeling stuck or at a crossroads in your life? Congratulations! You are on the brink of a major spiritual breakthrough and exciting life changes. These feelings of pain, discontent and confusion are signs – internal nudges from spirit to help you clarify your vision and get you on track to a life of your choosing and one that is in alignment with your higher self.

The fastest and most sustainable way to get yourself unstuck and feeling better is to energetically align your mind, body, spirit and home with your new and improved vision for your life.

How do you achieve all this you ask? With my latest Psychic Living offering – my Spiritual Stimulus Package. It will help you clear the cobwebs, alleviate the pain, clarify a new vision and create the nurturing space for you and your vision to take root and grow.

Spiritual Stimulus Package includes:

  • 1 Psychic Reading
  • 1 Energy Healing
  • 1 Feng Shui Consultation
  • 1 Chakra Clearing guided meditation MP3 for frequent use
  • 1 DIY House Blessing kit

You don’t have to live in Long Beach to benefit from this life altering upgrade. All services can be provided remotely. Remember, everything is energy and energy has no respect for space or time.

*Individually, these service would cost $555. I’m offering this package deal for $444 – a savings of $111. For maximum effect, all services need to be implemented within one month’s time (maximum).

My Spiritual Stimulus Package was born out of my frustration with helping people gain clarity, insight and inspiration with a psychic reading only to send them home to a place that holds the old energetic patterns of their past. I wanted to give my clients something more sustainable that creates long lasting change and more bang for their buck.

If my Spiritual Stimulus Package resonates with you, call me to make your Psychic Reading appointment at 562-612-1497 or email me at Once your appointment is scheduled, you are welcome to make your payment online or in person.

*Numbers emit energy too! 555 represents massive change, 444 reminds you that angels are everywhere and 111 tells you to “make a wish” because the universe is responding to your desires!

Angel Tarot Card Reading for July 23-29

Get ready for some unsettling news delivered by a young, impetuous person, have faith and patience in any projects, business ventures that you’ve been working on… it is unfolding beautifully without unnecessary worry on your part, which only attracts scarcity thinking and fearful thoughts about money. Relax, let go, enjoy the fruits of your labor and watch your thinking!