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Remember the Sabbath – Rest and Rejuvenate for Psychic Clarity


One of the basic tenets of living a psychic lifestyle is self-care. In order to receive messages or tune in to Spirit, we have to be clear channels. One way to keep our circuits clear is through the simple action of rest. Yes, rest. For some people, resting is hard work. Unplugging, especially during these electronically enhanced days, can be challenging. It’s apparent that our society has become obsessive about their personal electronic devices. The external world has become much more noisy by our own invitation.

Some of you know, I was raised Catholic. I’m not a practicing Catholic now, but I have to say I’m grateful for being raised with solid spiritual principles and practices. They can be good medicine for our ultimate well-being. That being said, the 4th Commandment is to observe the Sabbath. Now, it doesn’t matter which day (Saturday for Jews, Sunday for Christians, etc.) you observe, so long as you observe one!

What I mean by observing the Sabbath is to unplug from work, chores, phones and other “business” for one full day. It is said that God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th. It’s necessary to nurture and honor our spirit and to rest and recharge our batteries – to enjoy life and celebrate the reasons why we work so hard in the first place.

I had to remind myself of this just yesterday.  A couple of clients really wanted to see me and I made an exception to work on my day off – until I woke up Sunday morning and knew that I needed to honor my down time. I called them to explain and they were both very gracious about it, so I went about my day reading at the park overlooking the bluff, soaking up sun and fun vibes from the people around me. My day was leisurely, I had no agenda, no schedule and I only used my cell phone for a watch. That’s progress for this former Type A girl!

As a result, I’ve come full circle in my commitment to my down time… to observe a holy day of rest. It is mentally, physically and spiritually necessary for our health, success and well-being. It puts us in an energetic state of allowing and receiving. If you don’t already observe one day a week as your “do nothing” day, please do! It will make a profound difference in your life and the act of doing nothing will yield big rewards.

Much love and lots of blessings during your down-time!

The Power of Prayer is YOU

When we pray, we are in a mindful and proactive mode of creation. This is the miracle and the power of prayer. It is US activating our ability to receive the benevolence of the ever-giving Universe. It is us simply focusing and controlling our thoughts to achieve an outcome, while the Universe responds.

We are always creating our experiences by our thoughts and feelings. Most of the time, we are creating by default – allowing our fears and subconscious thoughts to run the show.

Praying allows us to be conscious of our thoughts. Praying helps us be telepathically mindful. Practice mindfulness and pray often to create a reality you love!

What are your thoughts about prayer? Do you pray? I’d love to hear your experiences with prayer! Please leave your comments below.

Psychic Games #16 – Who’s in the photo?

Charlene MurphyIt’s that time again! Time to intuit, imagine, explore and receive psychic information about these children and this place.

Take a moment to center your body, quiet your mind and go to that child-like place in yourself that houses your imagination and intuition, where judgment is suspended and everything is possible.

With your eyes closed, bring your attention to your body. Notice your breathing. Breathe a little deeper. Where is your mind? Is it becoming more quiet and present? Good. Stay there for a minute or so…

Now, with eyes wide, observe the photo. Who’s taking the picture? What is this place? Who are these children?

As you relax in this space, observe the following:

  • Describe the children.
  • What does the air feel like?
  • What does the energy of this place feel like?
  • Do you get glimpses of people or sounds? If so, who and what?
  • What kinds of activities or events took place here?
  • Go up the stairs and into this building with the children. What do they show you? What are they telling you?
  • What do you see, hear or feel inside?
  • How do you feel? How is your body responding to being there?

Record and share your responses below. ANSWER REVEALED.

Psychic Games #15 – Answer Revealed

Alice Paul
Women’s Rights Activist (1885–1977)

Suffragette Alice Paul dedicated her life’s work to women’s rights and was a key figure in the push for the 19th Amendment.

Alice Paul was an amazing, resilient and determined woman. I lovingly refer to her as a total badass! She played several sports like basketball, baseball and field hockey during her school days which was uncommon for a girl in the late 19th century.

She never married or had children. She had a mission to accomplish and she did it. Alice paved the way for women today. This woman was a true visionary. She fought for our right to vote and got it. Thank you, Alice!

She was frequently jailed and placed in a mental institution, a feeble attempt to quash her spirit, but she was well connected with similar badass women, referred to as “Iron Jawed Angels” and a few men, who would not allow it.



Not only was Alice an advocate for women’s rights, she was also active in the Peace Movement.  I’m so happy she lived to see her dream realize and evolve.

Here’s what you all picked up:

  • Independent – completely and totally
  • Successful – changed the world
  • NY – she attended grad school in NY. Born in New Jersey
  • No children – many of you got that
  • Associated with an institution – attended many universities, spent time in jail and a mental institution
  • Spiritualist – was raised Quaker
  • Farm – was raised on a farm
  • Traditional name – many of you got a name that begins with A
  • Sad and lonely – I’m sure she had her moments, especially when ignored, tortured and jailed
  • Walking with a friend – her bestie, Lucy Burns formed the National Women’s Party with Alice
  • Inspired by thought – totally! She was a visionary
  • Active mind – until her death, she remained quite active and inspired
  • Educated – very much so
  • Totally into her work – her work was her life. No marriage, kids or documented relationships
  • Reserved and introverted – indeed!
  • Known for making her mark – AMEN for the right to vote and the Equal Rights Amendment!!
  • Teacher and writer – many people picked this up. She most definitely was a teacher, but not in the traditional sense. She taught by example, by protest, by creating a new reality. And she wrote the Equal Right Amendment… for starters.

Excellent intuiting, y’all!

More about Alice from…


Born on January 11, 1885, in Moorestown, New Jersey, Alice Paul grew up Quaker and attended Swarthmore College before living in England and pushing for women’s voting rights. When she returned to America in 1910, she became a leader in the suffragist movement, eventually forming the National Woman’s Party with Lucy Burns and becoming a key figure in the voices that led to the passage of the 19th Amendment. In later years she advocated for the passage of an Equal Rights Amendment as well. She died in Moorestown on July 9, 1977.

Early Life and Schooling

Alice Paul was born on January 11, 1885, in Moorestown, New Jersey. Influenced by her Quaker family, she studied at Swarthmore College in 1905 and went on to do graduate work in New York City and England.

While in London from 1906 to 1909, Paul became politically active and unafraid to use dramatic tactics in support of a cause. She joined the women’s suffrage movement in Britain and was arrested on several occasions, serving time in jail and going on a hunger strike.

Activist for Women’s Right to Vote

alice-paul4When she returned to the United States in 1910, Paul became involved in the women’s suffrage movement there as well. Driven also to change other laws that affected women, she earned a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1912.

At first, Paul was a member of the National American Woman Suffrage Association and served as the chair of its congressional committee. Out of frustration with NAWSA’s policies, however, Paul left to form the more militant Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage with Lucy Burns. The group was later renamed the National Woman’s Party with the goal of implementing change on a federal level.

Known for using provocative visual media to make their point, NWP members known as the “Silent Sentinels” picketed the White House under the Woodrow Wilson administration in 1917, making them the first group to take such action. Paul was jailed in October and November of that year as a result of the protests.

Pushing for an Equal Rights Amendment

After women won the right to vote with the 19th Amendment in 1920, Paul devoted herself to working on additional empowerment measures for women. In 1923, she introduced the first Equal Rights Amendment in Congress and in later decades worked on the civil rights bill and fair employment practices. Although she did not live to see the ERA added to the U.S. Constitution, she did get an equal rights affirmation included in the preamble to the United Nations charter.

Alice Paul hanging a banner in celebration of the final necessary ratification of the 19th Amendment

Until she was debilitated by a stroke in 1974, Alice Paul continued her fight for women’s rights. She died on July 9, 1977, in the town of her birth.

Enjoy this fun, educational music video about Alice Paul. I <3 it!

The 4 Cs to Giving Great Tarot Readings Google Hangout

Hello and welcome everybody! Thank you for joining me. I’m excited to share my tips for giving great Tarot readings. The 4 Cs include confidence, clarity, creativity and coaching. AND card memorization is no where on my list regarding giving great Tarot readings. Tarot is an intuitive transformational tool.

Get comfy, grab a drink and enjoy the class!

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Psychic Living Blog

Tap into your psychic brilliance! Watch a video or read an article about cultivating a psychic lifestyle.

Side effects may include increased feelings of awareness, peace, longevity, joy, purpose, clarity, magic, confidence, inspiration, love, vibrancy, wholeness and fearlessness.

Join me!

Weekly Tarot Forecast – The Magician


This weekly Tarot forecast introduces The Magician. He has come to understand and harness the power of thought, prayer and ritual. He is a powerful manifestor who has successfully embraced both his divinity and humanity. He is able to create his physical reality by applying spiritual law to his human experience. He realizes that he is co-creator in all that manifests in his life.

Knowing that he is fully equipped with all of the tools to guide and direct his life, including wisdom, intuition, psychic skill, creativity, self-motivation, love, right action, willpower, physical ability, divine guidance, faith and courage, he confidently creates a life according to his desires. To others he appears to be magical, but in reality he is simply able to leverage the Universe by utilizing spiritual law, which is impartial and available to everyone.

As above, so below.

When the Magician shows up in a reading, it reminds you that you are fully capable of creating your own reality. You have the ability to allow the Universe to work in partnership with you. Together, you can manifest change, whatever the desire might be and bring about a positive outcome. This is the time to tap into your inherent tools, while calling on the magic of the Universe and to know that you can be, do and have anything your heart desires. Remember that you are a walking prayer in action and that your thoughts are coming into form. Be purposeful with this awareness.

Affirmation: “I am a powerful manifestor and co-creator with the Divine.”