Free Psychic Living Hangout: Raising Your Vibration

hulahoopJoin me this Thursday on Google Hangouts for a casual conversation about Raising Your Vibration. This is a one-hour live webcast where we can interact and explore ways to enhance the quality of our lives.

Plus, it’s a great way to meet new, like-spirited people!

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Psychic Tarot Live Online Course


Start Date: Wednesday, September 10

Time: 7-8:30 PM PST

Have you always wanted to learn how to read Tarot cards and give readings with confidence? Psychic Tarot will help you build a bridge between your psychic intuition and the age-old knowledge and meanings of the Tarot.

This interactive, live, online course will help you tap into powerful insights, revealing ...

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Psychic Games #14 – Answer Revealed


Ernest Hemingway

Most of you got this one right away! I chose Hemingway for a couple of reasons. One, he was one of my very favorite writers while studying literature in college. His writing style is clear, concise and direct. He was clearly a genius in his craft. Next, his spirit is larger than life. I wanted to demonstrate ...

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Psychic Games #14

psychic games

What Famous Person Lived Here?

It’s that time again! Time to intuit, imagine, explore and receive psychic information about this place.

Take a moment to center your body, quiet your mind and go to that child-like place in yourself that houses your imagination and intuition, where judgment is suspended and everything is possible.

With your eyes ...

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Clarity Cleanse Day 5!

Charlene Murphy

Yep, I’m still at it! Today I am feeling fabulous!

The last couple days were a little challenging. I woke up yesterday feeling like I had a hangover. I had to double check myself to remember if I drank the night before! I was happy to remember that I had not! The headache lasted a couple hours, so ...

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10 Day Clarity Cleanse: Day 2


Last night when I went to bed, I was so excited to wake up in the morning with unbounded energy! I prepared to take spin class at the gym and I hit the hay feeling sleepy, but optimistic!

Well, this morning was a whole other story. I woke up 15 minutes before spin class started, looked at the clock and ...

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Busy in the kitchen making Clarity Candles

I’m having so much fun in my kitchen! I’m starting a new line of products in the spirit of promoting  psychic living. These products will include Clarity Candles, DIY House Blessing Kits and pure, organic skin care products for starters.

Today, I’m creating Clarity Candles. These are made with 100% soy wax and organic essential oils, lavender and patchouli. My apartment smells fabulous!

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New Client Psychic Reading Special



Gain clarity, peace of mind and validation about your current life situations. Psychic readings are an insightful, in-depth and powerful way to receive answers to questions you may have about your life purpose, relationships, career, finances, family and health.

The word psychic comes from the Greek word psyche, meaning “soul.” Therefore, psychic means “of the soul.”

A psychic ...

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10 Day Clarity Cleanse: Day 1

Clarity Cleanse

Every now and again, I find it necessary to fast and clean house, so to speak. Our bodies are our temples, and in this day and age, it can be challenging to keep a clean temple!

In my work, I find it essential to clear my body, allow it to rest and come back into its natural balance. The greatest ...

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Get a Free Tarot Reading: Host a Tarot Party!

psychic tarot Here’s a fun idea for a party that won’t cost you an arm and a let! In fact, it will give you the gift of a free Tarot reading!

Invite 5-25 of your favorite people to your home or venue within the Long Beach and Orange County areas. This works well for close friends and ...

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